Polecat Loop

Close to Boise? Check. Interesting views? Check. Not too difficult? Check. This  5.8 mile hike follows the contours of hills and ridges in the foothills. The trailhead is located in a parking lot off of Cartwright Road.


This secluded hike escapes the hum of traffic after a mile or so. I only met one other person on this weekend hike: a biker. If you are terrified of being alone for whatever reason (no judgments here, but seriously, consider getting help) bring a buddy but make sure to walk in front of them for the views. I saw a handful of hawks as I followed the trail and a golden eagle that drafted closer and closer to me…


After fist-fighting the eagle for my granola bar, mentally, I carried on through the hills.

For about a mile, the trail stops following the contours and ridges and leads between a couple of high hills.



If you like green and are some kind of green and tree-only fascist hiker, avoid this yellow and dry hike. No trees really. Just brush and the like. I did find this amazing specimen of dessert survival, even if it too is starting to yellow:


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