Butcher Block (forthcoming)

Massachusettes Review


Rosemary, Sage, and Fear

Dried rosemary looks like chopped pine needles. I sprinkle them on course coffee grounds for my morning cup. I add rubbed sage while water boils in the microwave for me to pour over the culminating mixture of what I hope will prevent a future with a skull-full of amyloid plaque.

We Need a Captain Planet Reboot Now

If there’s one thing that could bring new attention to environmental issues in a way that Al Gore can’t, it’s Captain Planet. The inconvenient truth is that what the planet needs right now isn’t scientific consensus; it’s fandom.

Bask in the Color of the Table
Eastern Iowa Review

Maud Martha and I share a kitchenette, and no, it wasn’t the one we wanted.

The Ghost in My Shower
Thin Air Literary Magazine (print)

I never believed in ghosts until I started showering with one.

Being the Skinny Guy
The Goodmen Project

“Your hips are pointy,” my friends say. They examine the curve of bone that rises above my swim trunks and declare this fact as if it had never occurred to me.