McCall: Hum Lake and Duck Lake

This post covers the two trails Duck Lake and Hum Lake, which I did in a single day. The trailhead for both of the trails is located 16 miles down Lick Creek Road. Find the sign for “Duck Lake Hum Lake”  on your left off of Lick Creek Road and park in a large parking area. The trailhead is near the restroom.

There is a 1 mile easy-grade hike to the junction for Duck Lake and Hum Lake that was simple and enjoyable (nothing much to speak of). Continue 2 miles to Hum Lake or 1/2 mile to Duck Lake.

Hum Lake and Duck Lake Junction

Duck Lake hike: Now here was an easy, shady ascent that is suitable for children or for the adventurer looking for a stroll. I enjoyed this trail a lot more than Hum Lake thanks to the trees, the clear trail, and the lack of flies. The lake is pleasant and easy to reach. There are campsites around the lake, although if I had stayed, I would have needed some bug spray (I’m guessing) for the night because it is somewhat grassy as you can tell from the photo.

The Hum Lake trail is a rocky ankle-twisting experience that often required me to travel slower than usual and is not recommended for children. There are lots of downed trees from a recent fire that swept through the area. I suggest doing this hike when it’s cooler because of the amount of sun that cooked my skin thanks to the lack of cover, but then again, I did enjoy the blue summer skies. Your choice. There is a steep ascent and descent to the lake that made me feel out of shape. I was also surprised by the amount of flies, which I think might’ve been caused by the excess horse shit along the way. Maybe it was thanks to the fertilizer, but wildflowers were everywhere, and I enjoyed their company more than anything else on this trail, but there were some beautiful views of the surrounding peaks.

Here are some shots of the interesting wildflowers I found on this hike. If you do either of these hikes, I’d love to hear about your experience and when you went in the comment section below.

WildflowersBear Grass Wildflower 2

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